About you

You’re someone who loves to learn and constantly improve at what you do. We’re looking for a team member who’s excited about making public data more accessible. We hope you’re curious, tenacious, and that you want to work hard with our team on difficult, important problems.

Beyond being an awesome human who’s excited to work with us on hard problems and build useful tools for users, you are some (if not all) of these things:

- You have experience ingesting and managing a lot of data.

- You love Python and are fluent with its modern stack, including AsyncIO.

- You write well-optimized python code, and can write C bindings.

- You’ve used Django / Flask / APIStar in commercial product deployments.

- You have experience working with PostgreSQL, NoSQL (ES, MongoDB) and K-V Storages.

- You're not scared (and maybe even excited!) to patch some issues in. projects like Chromium

- You understand when and why to properly use micro-services.

- You write tests.

- You have experience with and are a fan of Linux, Docker, Kubernetes.

- You’re confident and experienced with AWS.

- You can do DevOps as needed, can configure CI/CD, and are fluent with git.