About the job:

The Public Data Research Analyst will build informative analytical content using public data drawn from our platform, as well as broader research to help put that data in context.

At Vigilant, we build tools for transparency, helping our customers drive accountability and reduce risk. There are exciting stories to be told about the data our platform unlocks, and about the ways our customers use it. Some examples of this might include in-depth analyses of campaign finance trends, or mapping out lobbying trends across all 50 states.

Thoughtful analysis and impactful research is the core of the role. You’ll create useful content that is referenced and shared - bringing forward new insights and leveraging public data sets to tell these stories. This content will support our team’s marketing efforts - generating informative reports and whitepapers, blog posts, email alerts, infographics, and more.

What you’ll do:

  • Develop analytical and editorial content around public data that adds insight and delivers value for readers
  • Develop and enhance company marketing materials and collateral
  • Expand and enhance our website and digital presence with analytical content
  • Grow our audience and email list
  • Help generate press coverage and pick-up through distribution of analytical content
  • Provide support for company’s broader data strategy

Must-have skills/experiences:

  • You have 1-3 years professional experience in journalism (particularly data-driven beats), political research, analyst roles, or similar
  • You have strong familiarity with public data and government records and are adept at understanding and explaining these data sources
  • You have previous experience writing blogs, reports, and analytical content
  • You love great copy and clear and informative communication

Good-to-have skills/experiences:

  • Knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • Experience with marketing automation tools like Hubspot or Mailchimp
  • Experience with Adobe InDesign or similar software
  • CRM Experience (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive)

About you:

Clear communicator. You’ll be helping customers and leads understand the kind of problems we can help them solve, and how the solutions we offer work, so you need to be able to articulate value clearly

Analytical thinker. You’re great at breaking down complex problems into a series of clear components, and understanding how they intersect.

Ability and interest in grokking different industries and use cases. You’re excited to do the research to develop a deep understanding of different subjects. You probably do this on your own, anyway.

Broadly Creative. You’re good at seeing how different - and often disparate - details might be combined to form something bigger and brighter.

Vigilant's Values:

Constant learning and insatiable curiosity. We organize information, and we’re always keen to know more. We’re committed to learning and growth and enjoy working with those who share that commitment.

We’re guided by a deep empathy for our customers and their needs. We think carefully about how our users - and our world - may be affected by the decisions we make. We’re constantly aiming to drive improvements for our users.

We aim high. We’re taking on large, difficult problems, and are looking to build meaningful solutions and scale a substantial company that will have lasting impact. Ambition is a compliment in our book.

Relentless tenacity. We do the work. We tend to see obstacles as things to overcome. When we decide to do something, we work at it until it gets done.

Real humility. We recognize that we don’t have all the answers, or even most of them. That gives us the space to learn.

We draw the owl. We’re growing, and there isn’t usually a defined set of instructions for any given task. We figure it out. We work, iterate, and improve. (In the interest of full disclosure, we shamelessly borrowed this notion from Twilio’s corporate values).

We take ownership and have a bias towards action. If we notice an issue is affecting the business, we work to fix it immediately, even if it’s not in our wheelhouse.

We save our paperclips. We have an ownership mentality and act in the company’s best interest. We’re conscious of how our actions and behavior impact the business and the company’s bottom line. We celebrate efficient solutions.

We follow through. We do what we say. We get the job done.